Who We Are
Why Now !

The world is changing…

Why Now ?

The decisions we make right now will define the future of our world

Personally, we try to fight for the preservation of the planet's eco-systems because we share them with other species and our action on them is mechanical. Our fate is inexorably linked to theirs.

We founding members are not just environmental activists, we are also passionate about technology and we believe that with a proper vision at the crossroads of these two worlds we can accelerate the change revolution and rethinking on how we value nature.

We are serious about trying to make the world a bit better

Our Missions and Values


Raise Awareness

Creativity for us something personal.

  • Innovative Media
  • Concept development
  • Content strategy
  • User research

Innovative Media

Technologists for a better future

  • Immersive content
  • VR/AR/XR development
  • Gamification research
  • Rich-web interfaces

Digital Activism

The digital space is ever changing

  • Engaged Technologists
  • New medias expertise
  • Social media strategy
  • Immersive awareness

Our partners

We’re your team of digital activists

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  • ImageUnomundo
  • ImageMacif
  • ImageFundacion Bahia
  • ImageSea Orbiter
  • ImageHacienda Studios
  • ImageVertexbreakers
  • ImageAtlas V